Historical Notes

AFDA's first organizational meetings were held on 27 October 1986 in Las Vegas, and on 15 November 1986 in San Antonio. The following attended one or both of these meetings: Col Filomena R. Manor, Col Jean Chambers, Col Marilyn A. Walker, Lt Col May O'Hara Awe, Lt Col Shirley Chaska Baird, and Lt Col Bernice Kaylin, Lt Col Regina Smith and Lt Col Barbara Whaley. The decision to found RAFDA was made at these meetings.

AFDA was incorporated in the State of Texas as a non-profit corporation on 12 October 1987.

The first meetings of the Board of Directors were held in Atlanta on 19-20 October 1987. These were attended by Colonels Filomena R. Manor and Frances G. Ballentine, and Lt Colonels Shirley Chaska Baird, May O'Hara Awe, and Barbara Whaley. The decision to found AFDA was made at these meetings.

The Charter Meeting of AFDA members was held in Atlanta on 19 October 1987.

The bylaws were adopted in August 1987 and became effective on 19 October 1987.

AFDA was recognized as a tax-exempt war veterans organization under Section 501c (19) of the IRS Code on 20 July 1988, making contributions made to or for the use of the organization tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Biennial Meetings

19 October 1988 Atlanta
23 October 1989 Kansas City
28 October 1991 Dallas
24 October 1993 Anaheim
29 October 1995 Chicago
11 October 1997 San Antonio

17 October 1999 Atlanta
29 September 2001 San Antonio
24 October 2003 San Antonio
21 October 2005 St. Louis
29 September 2007 Philadelphia
17 October 2009 Denver

AFDA Presidents

1987 - 1991
1991- 1999
1999- 2007
2007 - 2014
2014 - 2016
2016 - 2018
2018 - present

Col Shirley Chaska Baird
Lt Col May O'Hara Awe
Col Corinne McNamee
Col Paula Tsufis
Maj Saunya Bright
Lt Col Amanda Denton
Col Holly Brewer

AFDA Membership

August 2008

156 Members

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