May's Memories

On April 13, 2007 I was one of six honorees at a Dining Out at Brooks City-Base.   The theme of the Dining Out was “Brooks People Making History.”  Each honoree was recognized for contributions to the AF through our research while assigned to the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM) at Brooks AFB.  It was quite an honor for me to be included with such a distinguished group of scientists.  

Three of the other honorees, Dr.Tredici, Dr. Welch, and Col Nelson, were colleagues during my assignment at Brooks (1965 – 1973) so it was very nice to see them again.  Many of you know Col Ethel A. Nelson, USAF, Retired, who was honored for her work as a Test and Evaluation Officer on the C-9 airframe developing equipment and nursing procedures used in aeromedical evacuation.  

I was recognized for my work supporting development of the foods used on the first space flights.  My work on space foods while at Brooks AFB was the most exciting, most interesting, and most challenging assignment of my career.  To have my work recognized again after so many years, and to hear that the current space program is still using many of the food items I helped develop filled me with a mixture of pride and humility.  The event was held in the museum on Brooks City-Base.  All of us honorees were seated at the head table.  There was a Grog Bowl, formal toasts, Rules of the Mess and an entertaining quiz game.  The Lieutenants in attendance were the quiz contestants.  The Grog Bowl was hilarious.  They described the Grog this way….This rocket fuel was donated by NASA.  This fuel was used to bring back moon rocks that were kept here years ago.  If consumed you may want to stay away from open flames.  NASA will not be held responsible if you become a 1-man rocket ship to the moon.  

The sea of mess dress uniforms in the room was very impressive.  Retired in 1980, it has been a long time since I participated in such an event.  Each of us honorees was given a Thank You medallion and a Brooks City-Base medallion as mementoes of the special evening.  The event brought back lots of wonderful memories!! 

Another occasion for reliving wonderful memories was the 20th Anniversary of RAFDA Celebration in June.  It was great fun to spend a weekend in beautiful Coronado with AF friends and colleagues. 

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